About Borwn's Tailor

About Brown's Tailor

Coming from a background of garment manufacturing, I have the privilege to work with different types of garments. I started with outerwear, then moved on to a more interesting and fashionable women’s ready-to-wear sector, followed by men’s casual wear, but nothing compares to my passion in men’s classic bespoke tailoring.

As someone who has a strong passion in fashion, I believe a man looks his best in a nicely tailored suit coupled by a fitted dress shirt and a perfectly matched necktie and pocket square. Before I have any experience with bespoke tailoring, I am more a follower of fancy designer’s clothing. I always thought that only people who does not look good in designer’s clothing or people with rather traditional fashion taste will go for a tailored suit. But the more I learn about bespoke tailoring, the more I appreciate the meticulous details in the art of tailoring, to a certain extent, I even believe that we should go for a complete bespoke mentality, having everything tailor made. Another interesting thing about having your suits or shirts tailor made is the experience. The process of commissioning a bespoke garment is a unique experience which cannot be enjoyed from buying off-the-rack.

I am very lucky to be able to start my own tailor shop. I enjoy working with my cutters and discussing details with my customers on their own design or creation. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation of some of my customers, seeing how they have found the perfect look for themselves. After all, everyone wants to look good and that’s what Brown’s Tailor is here for.

Felix Chan
Owner of Brown’s Tailor